12 April 2009

Happy Easter

09 April 2009

Spring/Summer Ready

Holy crap... I was going through the clothes that I had stuffed in a tote for all of Colton's spring/summer clothes and holy crap does he have a lot of stuff to wear. I didn't realize how much he had because I buy through the course of the year and just throw it in a tote. He is definitely ready to go for spring/summer... as I am! About the only thing we don't really have is summer pj's. Darn it... have to do some more shopping! Think I'll be selling some of the 3T shirts from last summer that he didn't really wear to make room for all the new stuff! And I just ordered some stuff from The Children's Place yesterday... if I would have known what he had I probably would have thought twice about it... oh well... but... Yikes!

08 April 2009

Not a whole lot...

to say or write, which is always good. The roads down by are place are horrible and I will assume will stay that way for many weeks. Still lots of snow on the ground too.

Colton's new things to say are, 'Gimme a hug', 'Gimme me a kiss' or 'Gimme a squeeze'.... which I love.