31 August 2008

6 years ago today

Happy Anniversary! It's hard to believe it's been 6 years already... we've been through ups and downs and we've managed to beat the odds. We've learned how much we compliment each other over the years and make each other better people. It's still 'Me and You'....

27 August 2008

To Stacy, For Stacy

Something silly.... Giving some credit where credit is due.... my wonderful b/f Stacy got me hooked on the refreshing taste of sparkling mineral water. It took some getting used to but now I love it! Anything to replace the carbonated Diet Cokes I so enjoy is great for me! I'm enjoying a nice 1 L bottle right now. Apparently the convenience stores 'round here in these parts choose not to sell mineral water, but in CA it's everywhere. Took me 10 minutes standing in front of the large beverage coolers some months ago to figure that one out! I have to purchase mine at either Target or Walmart..... no convenience there. (With this post I'll find out if she actually reads this blog... Love ya, Stace!)

Summer Pics

This last weekend we went to Island Park for the annual craft fair. We spent most of our time playing at the park since our incredibly active 2 year old doesn't want to sit in his stroller and let us look around. Chuck and I decided we may go by ourselves next year so we can actually look at what's in the booths and not just walk by them. It was nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we had this weekend. Who knows, maybe a 3 year old will act different. (?) I keep telling Chuck we need to take him to all of these places so he learns how to behave in these situations instead of just completely avoiding them... even if it is stressful. I love my toddler....
Chuck's daughter came over for a few hours on Sunday and we took some pictures to possibly be used for our Christmas card collage... Colton didn't stay still for a second. Got a few cute pictures that we can use. I love my toddler...

We'll know by Friday when we close on our house. The people who are buying ours just sold theirs and are waiting on some last minute approvals on their buyers. Chuck and I need to put an offer on the house that we want within the next couple days and see what happens. If everything goes right it should be sometime in October that we'd move. I hate to say any of this is for sure because something can always happen and plans can change.

19 August 2008

Random x2

So I know it's only August, but I'm trying to figure out what Cole should be for Halloween. I got him a puppy costume a couple months ago and as my sister warned me, he hates it on... and it's getting too small. So, I'm on the hunt for either a firefighter, another puppy or possibly a pirate. Old Navy has some really cute costumes that I've given some consideration. I am definitely a pre-pre-planner, which drives some people crazy... (I'm already on the lookout for NEXT years birthday party theme... and Cole just had his two months ago!)

'Get off of me.' Colton's new phrase when we're hugging, kissing, tickling or rough housing with him when he's crabby... said in the most whiny 2-year voice. He's getting really good at saying please, thank you and you're welcome. You're welcome is pretty new. He's always saying, 'Oops, sorry' if he happens to bump you, when he falls or for something insignificant. It's good he says sorry, but sometimes he's saying it for things he doesn't need to be sorry for. I don't want him to think that word doesn't have value because he says it so much. I'm sure that will come with age. One other wonderful age appropriate thing he's into now is hitting me and thinking it's funny. I don't know if he's doing for attention (which he gets plenty of) or just not wanting to be nice, but he's put in 'time out' every time he does it and has to apologize afterward. Hopefully that will pass soon. Good thing he's good at saying he's sorry! Other sayings:
'There, all better' (when he fixes something the way he wants it)
'Oh, man'
'Holy cow' (taught by daddy)
'Oops, sorry. You okay?'
Mmmm, it's good'
'It's broke, fix it'
'Help you' (Asking for help)
'Smile' (holding the camera trying to take a picture)
When asked a question, it's either a quick 'no' or 'nope' or 'noooo' or an exicited 'yeahhh' with the shaking of the head up and down.

Colton's favorites: (no particular order)
Breakfast in general
Jello & pudding
Cookies & crackers
Any 'snack'
Semi-trucks & cars
Motorized lawn mower & chasing you with it
Coloring on the side walk
Books & puzzels
Being outside
Laying in mommy & daddy's bed
Renna (his puppy, he's the boss)
Routine & order

Colton's dislikes:
Dirty hands & washing his hand (go figure)
Getting dressed
Dirty diaper
Sitting at the table
The trailer coming apart from his truck
Most vegetables
Not getting his way (famous for his pout and crossing his arms across his chest, he looks just pitiful)
Time out
Leaving for daycare in the morning (so does mommy)
Showers (our bath tub needs to be replaced at the moment)

That's all I can think for now....

14 August 2008


I'm sure the 'hoards' of people who read this blog probably don't care... but, we passed our DOT Audit and received our Satisfactory rating again. There's some work we need to do to improve and policy and business practice changes, but today's a new day. Chuck and I apparently seem to be people that need to learn everything the 'hard way' and this is no exception. I never knew what a pain the ass owning your own business could be.... hopefully all this hard work and stress will pay off in the end. The stress of the audit is over and we will move on....

11 August 2008


So Wednesday Chuck decides to take Morgan (our black lab) to work with him... all morning she's gagging and puking and can't keep ANYTHING down. Mid-afternoon Chuck decides to head home with her because she's still not getting any better and a couple hours after they get home, he decides it's time to go to the vet. Meanwhile I'm googling and trying to figure out what's wrong with her and all I come up with is bloat which is VERY serious and I'm worried. The 'Hmmm' part comes from the phone call I get from Chuck telling me after doing a X-ray and ultrasound they confirmed that Morgan has a kitten head in her stomach! That's right, a kitten head. She apparently has a an abnormally large esophagus and tongue which is how it has swallowed in the first place. Never before seen by the vet and only by my Morgan. She had to stay at the vet over night and get an IV because she was dehydrated and they gave her something to help dissolve what was in her stomach so she could pass it and get things moving along. If that wouldn't have worked, it would have been surgery. So, $652 later, she getting back to her old self... slowly. Thank goodness Chuck took her to work that day and thankfully everything will be ok. Sorry poor kitties.

06 August 2008


Tried giving Cole pop (7-up) for the first time last night because it's the only liquid I had access to at the office.... he gave me the worst face and told me it was 'icky'. Then he was mad because I didn't have anything else for him to drink.... yeah! he hates pop! (or maybe just 7-up). Either way... good! I certainly don't want to be be the pop drinkers Chuck and I are... although I have cut back from what I used to drink. Back to just milk, 100% fruit juice and water for Colton! Works for me!

05 August 2008


We've had confirmation that Champ did have liver cancer and it was spreading to his intestines and throat as well. I didn't find this out until recently... Chuck talked with the vet a few weeks ago about. Chuck doesn't want to talk about it, so unless I ask, that's usually the only way I get information out of him about it. We received the bill from the vet on Saturday... neither of us have been brave enough to open it... the $ doesn't matter, I just don't want to see the 'terms' of what was done on paper. When Chuck is ready to pick up Champ's ashes at the vet, I assume it'll get taken care of then.

Still working on the house sale. Looking at a October closing I guess, but we'll just have to wait and see. I hope the house we're interested in stays on the market until we can make an offer... otherwise we'll have to go to Plan B. Not sure what that is yet...

Colton's new deal in the morning is not wanting to get out of bed... telling me, 'I don't want to.' Well, Mommy doesn't want to get out of bed either... I sympathize.

2 year old Colton:
'I don't want to'
'I don't want it'
'Hi, buddy. Whata you doing?'
(When daddy walks in the door.)
'Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! (running to me) Whata you doing?' (When I pick him up from daycare.)
'I know... '
'I think so'
'Mommy coming?'
(Asks his daycare provider a couple times in the late afternoon before I come and get him.)