29 April 2008

Out of it

So I was out of town for training last week for work and now I'm playing catch up and trying to get back into some sort of normalcy. Cole has been exhibiting normal almost 2 year old behavior that mommy and daddy are having a hard time getting used to. Obviously we'll get through it... I sometimes just have to laugh because it eases some of the tension with all the crying and screaming. Nothing new otherwise, business is business, work is work. Looking forward to selling our house in the country and moving back into town. I'm so tired of the drive! With the move could also possible mean I can quit working full time. Yeah! Hoping the weather is nice and we can get outside. I've been trying to take Cole to the zoo for the last 3 weekends and the one nice Saturday we had, he was running a 103 temp. Bring on summer!

12 April 2008

Lazy weekend

Lazy weekend at our house... doing some cleaning (washed clothes, polished cupboards, mopped, dusted... etc). Need to do payroll tomorrow... ugh. Cole is getting more and more talkative and understanding more everyday. We're trying to take the pacifer away and this morning he had one in his mouth and one in his hand and while we were laying in bed watching cartoons I was telling him his pacifer was yucky... he smacks his lips together and then proceeds to stick it in his mouth and say, mmmmm... yummy (like he does when he's eating something good) for about a minute. I couldn't help but laugh.

10 April 2008


I'm having a hard time with starting this blog simply because I have no idea what to write (which would be the reason I've never had a blog before and this being only my second post and the fact I hate to talk about myself). I'm used to writing in personal journals that no one can see... Think family, everyday experiences, nonsense, memories to look back on... yes you can do this!!

So, here we go.... I am addicted to shopping for Cole, especially clothes shopping. Gymbucks time!! I shop just as much online as a I do in the store. I always buy on sale, which I use that as excuse as it's ok to buy more... hmmm where's the logic in that? He officially dresses better than I do! When did that happen? I secretly always knew it would, and I definitely don't look forward to the day he decides what he wants to wear... ahhh!! That day is quickly approaching. Chuck is adamant that I'm not still deciding what he wears everyday by the time he starts school... ahhh, don't know if I'll let go of that one real easy. Funny thing is, when I was younger I didn't let anyone decide what I was going to wear... I may soon get a taste of my own medicine.
And of course pictures... Cole playing outside (before he got himself stuck in the mud), talking to his puppies and one of him and daddy having a 'conversation'.

01 April 2008

A little something

I don't do Facebook or My Space so I thought I'd trying blogging. I hope this can serve as a journal of my family and our everyday 'dramas'. If it's not one thing it's another in our lives, good or bad, wonderful or sad.... it's always something...