03 August 2009


I feel like I've said that before... oh, wait I have! We accepted an offer on the house on Saturday... it took less than a week to sell. Yeah! It went on the MLS Monday night, we had 2 showings Tuesday, one each on Wed and Thurs and 2 on Friday. There was going to be a showing on Saturday as well, but they chose not to come out after we told them we had accepted an offer. It's all about timing that's for sure! We just have to get through the home inspection and appraisal... we've been through this before so there shouldn't be too many surprises and we're looking at a Sept 18 closing if all goes right. For now we're going to rent a house until we start the building process this spring. We have an opportunity for a great lot in West Fargo very close to my work. Both Chuck and I feel less rushed into building if we wait until spring and can do what we want and get what we want in our house. Exciting times!