14 April 2010

Trains, Trains, Trains

Colton loves Thomas and anything to do with trains. So on a daily basis he interjects terms he hears from watching Thomas into his daily talk. End of July we're so excited to take him the Lakeville, MN to spend a 'Day with Thomas' and ride Thomas the Train and other activities. Can't wait to see how excited he's going to be! This Saturday Toys R Us is having a Thomas play date and story time.

  • Red lights are 'signals'
  • 4-way stops are 'junctions'.
  • Turns in the road are 'bends'.
  • Sharper turns in the road are 'difficult bends'.
  • Tells me I need to 'apply my brakes' when I come to a 'bend' in the road.
  • After a bath he is 'shiny and clean'.
  • The driveway is 'Gordan's Hill'.

Things Colton says

  • 'Did you have a long day?' 'No, I had a medium day.'
  • You're my best girl. (Said to mommy.)
  • Daddy and Colton on your best boys. (Said to mommy.)
  • Always says Daddy and Colton are best friends and he's a BIG boy and nothing else.
  • Buys things with 'monies' and 'tickets'.
  • 'I got a runny nose.' 'Do you want a kleenex?' 'No, I will just use your shirt.'
  • LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine and anything to do with trains.
  • After gettting my hair done, he told me I looked 'beeeauuutiful.'

04 November 2009


What's new...

We've been busy, busy these last couple months... packing, unpacking, organizing, potty training and settling and adjusting into our new surroundings. I'm liking the convenience of everything, but missing the outdoor space we had at the farm. Chuck and Colton really miss the farm. Hopefully some day we can have a place with land and that's close to town. As you can see Colton has a love for trains or maybe more like an obsession... we now have a small fortune in his train collection... all of which he carries in his red backpack (or as he calls it, his packpack) which at this point must weight as much as he does!

03 August 2009


I feel like I've said that before... oh, wait I have! We accepted an offer on the house on Saturday... it took less than a week to sell. Yeah! It went on the MLS Monday night, we had 2 showings Tuesday, one each on Wed and Thurs and 2 on Friday. There was going to be a showing on Saturday as well, but they chose not to come out after we told them we had accepted an offer. It's all about timing that's for sure! We just have to get through the home inspection and appraisal... we've been through this before so there shouldn't be too many surprises and we're looking at a Sept 18 closing if all goes right. For now we're going to rent a house until we start the building process this spring. We have an opportunity for a great lot in West Fargo very close to my work. Both Chuck and I feel less rushed into building if we wait until spring and can do what we want and get what we want in our house. Exciting times!

09 July 2009

Something new

  • Sitting on his potty... 'I need to get the cookies out'.
  • Trying to fix his DVD player... 'We have a problem'.
  • 'You happy?'
  • 'Umm, Mommy/Daddy?'
  • 'Daddy needs to get his butt home.' (Learned that one from mommy waiting for him to come home from work.)
  • 'Hi everybody!'
  • Loves to eat/make a peanut butter 'sammich'.
  • Waves and says 'hi' to everyone in the store.
  • Tells me his going to be a nice boy in the store before we actually get in the store. (A question he's been asked plenty of times before by mommy.)
  • Can buckle his carseat by himself.
  • Tells me everyday after I pick him up that he's not getting a haircut and the car doesn't need a shower.
  • Fills the dog bowls with food by himself and knows each one gets 3 scoops.

07 July 2009

Summer Time

Playing outside, birthdays, 4th of July... keeping busy this summer!

11 June 2009

Colton's 3 year pictures

Check out Colton's 3 year old pictures... we love them. The only question is, isn't the child suppose to have the double chin and not the mommy? When did that happen? He had them taken on May 31 in downtown Fargo. He was quite the busy boy and we did as he asked that morning. My little boss... I love you!!

http://www.susiebphoto.com/ click on proofing tab, password: shawnag The photographer blogged on the session as as well and hit the nail on the head.

**Someone got a haircut last night and daddy was able to see first had how much his little boy HATES his hair cut. Thought we'd bring daddy with to see if he would do better with him instead of mommy. No such luck.... hopefully we'll outgrow this dislike. Haircuts and carwashes are big 'NO's in Colton's world.

Wonderful day

On Colton's birthday we went to the park in the morning and played for about an hour and after daycare Mommy and Colton went for an ice cream treat. It was delicious! When we got home we played outside in his new playhouse for his birthday from Mommy and Daddy and hit a couple golf balls around the yeard. Later, when Daddy got home we lit some candles and sang Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! (3x)


Celebration at Happy Joe's and a few candles and cupcakes at home.... a great time!