11 June 2009

Colton's 3 year pictures

Check out Colton's 3 year old pictures... we love them. The only question is, isn't the child suppose to have the double chin and not the mommy? When did that happen? He had them taken on May 31 in downtown Fargo. He was quite the busy boy and we did as he asked that morning. My little boss... I love you!!

http://www.susiebphoto.com/ click on proofing tab, password: shawnag The photographer blogged on the session as as well and hit the nail on the head.

**Someone got a haircut last night and daddy was able to see first had how much his little boy HATES his hair cut. Thought we'd bring daddy with to see if he would do better with him instead of mommy. No such luck.... hopefully we'll outgrow this dislike. Haircuts and carwashes are big 'NO's in Colton's world.


Sarah Jane said...

I think you misspelled the link :). It's a good think I took a peek at the awesome photos when you linked it on Facebook. The family pics were terrific!