28 February 2009

25 Random Facts

This will be a challenge for me...

1. I have a really good memory for people's birthdays and events.
2. I am only 2 of 6 kids my parents actually planned... the others were blessed surprises.
3. I am a chronic and constant worrier... which I hate!
4. I still have not lost all of my pregnancy weight... 2 1/2 years later. Must have been all those french fries I craved!
5. I would love to continue my education but would have to be teaching to do so.
6. My older sister told me to put my tongue on our propane tank one winter when I was 5 or so and I did... it stuck and she pulled it off. She got in trouble and my dad made me a root beer float to make me feel better... I still have a scar on my tongue.
6. I have a scar above one of my eyes from my cat Bootsie. I was sleeping on the floor and he ran across the living and across my face. (Oh and he actually used to fetch bouncy balls we would throw down the stairs).
7. When I was in elementary school, particularly during my 4th and 5th grade years, I was called a boy more than once... I had really short hair those years. Ex. Trying to use the womens bathroom & a letter written to my solider pen pal in Saudi Arabia, he wrote back saying 'what a handsome young man' I was!
8. I tore my left ACL skiing at Big Sky my senior year of high school.
9. I hate flying and I'm not comfortable in the water. I enjoy the land.
10. I met Chuck at the place I worked during college.. my dad got me the job my freshman year of college.
11. I hate calling and making appointments or calling and asking for information. I used to (and still do occasionally) have my mom and my older sister do this for me!
12. I hate (loathe is a better word) the phone... unfortunately this has been the main duty of every job I've ever had.
13. I can't wait to move back into town... I'm sick of all the driving.
14. I never knew I liked dogs as much as I do until I met Chuck.
15. I'm very sensitive and take everything personally.
16. I have a bit of OCD... Some ex. I like things in even #'s or in even groups of #'s, my clothes all face the same way in groups according to style, rewrite letters or lists with no scribbles (I believe my son is taking after me in the department as well).
17. I like to recycle but I find it really difficult living out in the country.
18. I hate cooking... good thing Chuck can cook!
19. I like to eat cube cheese... but my stomach doesn't like it.
20. I love Ranch Doritos and could eat a whole big bag in one sitting if I had the time.
21. I always pick out my clothes before I go to bed & pick up the house before I leave for any place.
22. When I home on the weekends I'm usually in same outfit all weekend long.
23. I make lists for everything, almost everyday.
24. I have an older 1/2 brother and sister but never see them.
25. I look exactly like my mom.
26. BONUS: I would love to know how to play the piano.

This took me a really long time!

27 February 2009

Nothing is better...

than playing with your tools... naked!

24 February 2009

Colton Talk, again

  • Pooter (computer) I told Chuck it sounds like a dirty word!
  • I told him his hat was too small and he told me it was 'medium'. (Didn't know he knew there was a middle.) Apparently he didn't think it was too small or too big because he knows what those words mean was well.
  • 'I can't reach.'
  • 'It's missing.'(when only having one sock, shoe, or mitten on)
  • 'It's okay.'
  • 'Daddy be back soon...'
  • When going over a bridge... it's a 'troll bridge'
  • Calls an orange and 'orange apple'
  • He's the manner police in our house and is VERY good about using his manners. Excuse me, thank you, please, you're welcome, bless you...
  • When playing with a cube about 3"x3" he lays on the floor and puts the cube to his head and says, 'I'm too big, I can't fit.' He'd be lucky if his hand fit in the cube. You had to be there...

Hide & Seek

Colton playing Hide & Seek... I didn't know he knew how to stand and wait for the person to hide until last night. Something Chuck taught him I guess... now if he would just count to 10 himself like I know he can...

22 February 2009

Weekends work...

We colored, we read, we watched TV and we made many towers (with blocks and markers)... all in a weekends work for a 2 1/2 year old.

17 February 2009

Proud Mommy

Uno, Doce...

Colton knows how to count in Spanish up to 10... surprised me while were counting letters on his whiteboard yesterday. Made Mommy very proud but I can't take the credit, my thanks to Handy Manny... :) Chuck says he already officially knows something his daddy doesn't!

16 February 2009

Our Little Trip

Driving around Walker.

Chuck loves to play a few video games... he's still such a kid!

Ready to go out to eat our Valentine's Day supper. I made Chuck dress up...

Sitting in the bar at the 502 having a beer after supper.

Playing a few games of darts.

That should say '0'... I beat Chuck the 2nd of three games, doesn't happen often!

This side of the Legion was empty where we were playing darts, the other side was packed... it was the restaurant side where they were serving a supper special I guess. It was nice to have this all to ourselves.

Relaxing in the spa.

We had such a good time. We arrived about 5:30 and checked in and walked around. The hotel was completely redone and large with a spa and bowling alley. We went down the road to the casino and had supper and played some slots. Lost everything we played... reasons why neither of us like gambling. Saturday morning we got up early and went for breakfast and drove around Walker. We decided to go to Bemidji and did a little shopping and headed to Park Rapids to see a movie. It just so happened the one and only movie playing was the we wanted to see just as we arrived. (Mall Cop) After the movie we went back to our room where we were going to go bowl but it was $60/hr... yikes! Had supper at the 502 (the restaurant in the hotel) and enjoyed a few games of darts at the American Legion across the street and then went for a dip in the jacuzzi afterwards. Nice room, nice times, nice town... looking forward to coming back Labor Day weekend for 3 days!

14 February 2009

Happy V-Day!

Everyone have a nice Valentine's Day!

Chuck, Shawna & Colton

13 February 2009

The Eye

Colton's black eye...

12 February 2009

Chase on the Lake

This is where Chuck and I will be staying this weekend...


08 February 2009

What I did this weekend...

*UPDATED* Made many pillow tunnels, hit my eye on the toy box (now I have a black eye), painted, took only hour naps (not normal), played with trucks and rice, vacumed, made Valentine's cookies, 'helped' with the laundry, played with 'taydoh' (play-doh), didn't eat worth a darn and drove my Mommy crazy... just a few highlights of my very busy weekend.

06 February 2009


My Colton painting... we've been on a roll all morning long.
On a different note... Chuck has an ulcer which has been causing all his problems. My worrying about that can be done. He has to go to see his doctor to get a stress test done to figure out the cause of the ulcer and his higher blood pressure. He can now can go back and get his DOT medical and start driving again.

01 February 2009

More Snowmobiling

Chuck jumping his sled...

Shaun jumping...

Went snowmobiling yesterday with 5 others around the Wild Rice and Davenport area for about 6 hours. The temperature was quite different from last weekend. -12 vs 38... the trails were nice but the snow was so sticky I had a harder time controlling my sled. Others didn't seem to have much of a problem, but most were way more experienced than me. Colton stayed at Grandma and Papa's house and apparently kept Papa quite busy telling him what to do all day and helping fix some kitchen cabinets with his 'scewscribber.'