29 May 2008

Chuck's new toy

Chuck and my dad (who we all believe is going through a mid-life crisis) purchased new motorcycles last Friday. My dad's is the red and Chuck's is the blue (because it's actually 'Polaris blue' like his sled). They're Kawasaki Vulcan 900 LT's... my dad had a bike like 20 years ago, when I was little... it was fun to see him ride, he looked like a little kid on it!

23 May 2008

Weekend plans

Should be a nice weekend... I get off early today and Colton and I will do a little shopping and then go home. He loves playing outside so I'm sure we'll spend lots of time this weekend enjoying the weather if doesn't rain.... I want to paint Cole's room and get the deck stained this weekend, too. We're still working on selling our house and any little thing hopefully will help. Our realtor said the market isn't all that good and gas prices are not helping (especially since we live 27 miles from Fargo). Keeping our fingers crossed and trying to be patient. I just don't want to go through another winter out there. Guess we'll just have to wait and see and hope for the best....
We plan on grilling on Saturday and Chuck and I are going to a RedHawks game Sunday evening. We decided we need to starting doing more activities together and get out just the two of us. Haven't been to a game in a long time and I enjoy watching baseball. Monday we have a birthday party to attend in the afternoon and that's about it.

20 May 2008

Haircuts and planning

BIRTHDAY BOY... invitation picture!

Not much going on... Cole & I got haircuts last week... both of us have had better haircuts, I must say. I decided to cut bangs and go a little darker... not a good combo for me. I look like on old mom (I think). Maybe it will just take some getting used to. Cole has colics (sp?) in the back and when it's cute too short, they stick up. He now has a cute rooster tail. Thankfully his pictures aren't until June 3 and maybe it'll grow out a little more. Getting ready for Colton's 2nd birthday on June 9. TWO ALREADY?? His party is actually Sunday, June 8 at Lindenwood Park and it's a firefighter theme. I'm having more fun this time around than last year! I've been busy make treat bags and buying supplies. I also just got this invitations which I ordered online and they turned out so cute! They have his picture on them and everything!

12 May 2008

Busy, busy

This weekend was busy... my mom, my sisters and I threw a baby shower on Friday evening for my older sister Stephanie who was home for Samantha's college graduation on Saturday. Stephanie's due end of Nov/beginning of Dec and Samanth's due end of June. It'll be a fun Christmas! Went to the zoo on Sunday with my side of the family for Mother's Day. Cole really enjoyed all the animals and he was Papa's boy all afternoon. It was the first time he has been there and I can't wait to take him to the Minnesota Zoo this summer. (That's the plan, anyway). He LOVED the birds and the camel, or as he says, 'amel'. Which sounds like animal, too! A two in one word for Colton! For Mother's Day I got a new photo printer to go along with my new camera. Just one more item to check off my list of things I want to go along with it. Got a chance to use it at the zoo and I'm happy with it. Learning as I go.... Pictures posted soon!

09 May 2008

More 'things'

Chuck got me a new camera a couple weeks ago which I'm super excited about. It's a Nikon D40 SLR. Good beginner camera for me. I wanted a hobby and I thought pictures could be something I could do. I now need a good photo editing program so I can do fun stuff with all the pictures. You can never have enough pictures! I looked at knitting and crocheting, but thought it looked way too difficult for me. I still want to get a sewing machine and get into that, too. For now, my new picture taking hobby will do.

Our beloved springer, Champ was rushed into the vet last night after Chuck came home and found him in the indoor kennel unable to move, panting, shaking and sweating. The vet found that his heart was enlarged and the wheezing that started recently was due to his throat closing because there isn't enough blood being pumped through the throat muscles when he became excited. They gave him a shot of steroids, ekg, x-ray and checked him over. He now is completely blind in one eye and almost deaf. (We knew this was starting last year when he went for a check-up and shots.) Chuck brought him home and was told to watch for anymore panting and wheezing. I thought he didn't seem right the night before, but he was wagging his tail and eating so I didn't think anything of a little later on. He seemed to have a good night last night after the trip to the vet. I hate having to leave him alone during the day so soon, though. We're to keep him calm as possible for now on, so he now is officially back to being an indoor dog, day and night. He's on pills for 10 days and is due to go back to the vet in a week to get rechecked. The vet said he's just getting old (he'll be 11 the end of July). Both Chuck and I are not ready for him to go and we pray he has a few more years with us. I'm thankful Chuck found him instead of me because I do not deal with situations like that very well.

06 May 2008

The Bike Cart

So Chuck and I went and bought a bike cart for Cole to ride in this weekend. We used for the autism walk, which he scream for 10 minutes in it until he realized he wasn't getting out. We tried it again on Sunday only this time hooked up to the bike... you would have thought we were beating him he cried so hard. I don't know if he was scared or mad or what the deal was, but he cried/screamed the whole 5 minutes he was in it. We're just going to have to keep on trying, until he gets used to it. He even screamed when we put Renna (his puppy) it and gave her a ride. We were trying to show him it wasn't that bad. I'd like to be able to take him for bike rides and when we eventually move into town I'd like to do it more often. He dislikes new things and is always very cautious of new stuff that is introduced to him. I hope we didn't spend all that money for nothing! :)

04 May 2008

The Walk

On Saturday, Chuck, Colton and I along with my sister's family and younger brother and sister did the Walk for Autism here in Fargo at Lindenwood. (www.ndautismcenter.org) It was 1.8 miles, so not far at all. It was a nice day and it was fun to help out a great cause, this was the first autism walk in North Dakota and they hope to open The Center soon. One of my younger brothers (who joined us on the walk) is diagnosed with autism. ( Afterwards Chuck, Cole and I went out to eat and then home, enjoying a lazy weekend (again). Sure wish it felt like May here.