29 September 2008

Church & Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday we went to church... we lasted through the offering (about 1/2 hour) before some little guy thought it was necessary to throw everything he had in hands on the floor 20 times and yell 'Ahh Choo' during the baptisms. Thought we should leave right about then.... We'll get better as we start to go on a more regular basis.

Afterward we went to Rheault Farm where a pumpkin patch was set up and various games. Colton was only interested in the playground equipment. Nice fall day....


Thought I'd give fingerpainting a try with Colton....

Didn't like it so much... He didn't like the feeling on his hands apparently. Guess we'll try painting with paint brushes instead....

23 September 2008

Trim & Others

Do you ever go in for a trim and end up with a full blown hair cut? Seems to happen to me everytime and which means it makes it extremly difficult to grow my hair out. I went in just to trim up the front and get the back of my hair more inverted. The back is fine, but I know I got more than a 'trim' in the front. It's not a bad haircut, just not totally what I was thinking when I went in. Oh, well....

What's new with Colton:
I sing the ABC's to Colton in the car all the time and he used to just say 'noooo', now it's, 'Stop singing, Mommy!'

Chuck and I were playing with one of the two footballs we had outside the other night, Colton thought he should have both footballs. We continued to play with the ball telling him he has one and he needs to share. He cried big tears... When we were through, we gave him the other one and he put it in the cart of his lawn mower and proceeded to walk toward me with his finger pointing up (not at me), 'No, Mommy ball' again, again until I repeated what he was saying and he confirmed that I wasn't going to take the ball back.

'Come back here!'

'No crackers, Mommy' (He's telling me no all the time.)

'Poopy, stinky...' As he's grabbing his little butt needing his diaper changed.

'Bye, see ya later.'

He's really into looking at objects and trying to figure out their color. His favorite colors are yellow (or 'lellow' as he says) and green. He's making progress and knows everything has a color. Sometimes he's right other times he's not (although I think he says the wrong color on purpose sometimes).

20 September 2008

Play time

09 September 2008

My favorite time...

My favorite time of the day is right before Colton goes to bed. As we're getting ready to go to bed he'll tell me he wants to rock... how can I say 'no'? So in his room we rock in the rocking chair and I really try and just live in the moment and not think about anything else but being right there with him. I know soon enough he'll be too big to rock or want to be rocked or just be held in that way. We whisper to each other, 'Love you' and 'Love you more' again and again until he starts to giggle. He tries to close his eyes and go 'night, night, sleep' as he would say, but I know he won't fall asleep in my arms. Usually we just look at each other as we share this little special time together. As much as I would love to rock him all night, I tear myself up from the chair after a few minutes, rock him a few more times standing up and we whisper our 'loves you' again, give him a few more kisses and lay him down to go, 'night, night, sleep'.

08 September 2008

Another weekend

Bison game this weekend... they won, left after 3rd quarter... final 50-14. It needs to be more of an exciting game!
Colton in time-out.... crossing his arms and pouting... so pitiful!

04 September 2008

Play at the Park

On Saturday morning we took Colton to the Casselton Reservoir to play at the park. We walked around 'The Res' and afterward went out to have lunch. It was a nice Saturday morning... windy, but nice.


Chuck & I went out to dinner at the place we always go... Lonestar, and then to a movie. We saw 'Tropic Thunder' and it was hilarious. Some gross humor but I love comedies. It was a nice quite evening for the both of us. I bought Chuck a sitting bench with a pheasant scene on the the backrest that we saw last year a Scheels. and apparently I'm suppose to be getting something for my camera, but I haven't seen it yet.....