29 January 2009

More about Colton

So I was visiting with Stephanie today (as usual... almost everyday) and I was talking about Colton and how he can never make up his mind lately and everything he says is opposite of what he's really asking me. (He seems to have trouble with on and off). Apparently this is typical of this age. I ask him if he wants milk or juice and he'll say one and inevitably he'll change his mind as soon as the cup is full and then throw a tantrum. This is not just with his choice of beverage... it's with everything. I go to put on his mittens or boots and I seem to always choose the wrong foot or hand to start with.... it's a battle every morning to get dressed and every evening when I got to pick him up from daycare. Verbally he getting better everyday and has an unbelievable memory. He has picked up his mommy and daddy's bad snack habits and loves chips (or as he calls them, 'crackers'). He doesn't like to be a dirty diaper, which hopefully means potty training is around the corner. Certainly not something I'm going to force and hoping happens easily. He'll either be really easy or fight me every step... I'll just be happy is he's not wearing diapers to kindergarten! (j/k)

I love him!

27 January 2009

Colton Talk

I poopeded again!
Almost there!
I got it!
I (we) did it!
I love pizza, candy, bananas etc.
I got you!
Scewscribber (screwdriver)
I want some 'special' pizza. (Not sure why it's 'special')
What does Daddy got? (Usually Laffy Taffy)
Better change you... (Wants his diaper changed)
That scare me!
Lets read the books...
It's the 'BIGGEST' one...
Brrr it's cold...
Stay nice and warm... (when he is getting changed and his shirt is off he wants to be held)

26 January 2009

For Your Enjoyment

Result of last year's big spill... reasons why I was so cautious this first time out this year... Still feeling the effects of it today...

This is our sign outside the shop in West Fargo... (in case anyone was curious)

25 January 2009


Chuck and I got out snowmobiling yesterday with two other guys. It was the first time for me after the big spill last year. Took me a while to get comfortable riding again, but by the end all was good. Had some issues with the tips of my fingers freezing on the start of every ride after we took breaks, but with a minute of stopping and getting them warmed up, I was able to get back into it with no problems. The trails were really nice (compared to last weekend I was told). We went from Wild Rice to Hickson, Christine, Walcott, Horace and back to Wild Rice. Hickson and Walcott have some really nice little bars and we had fun.

23 January 2009

Pizza & the Garbage

Earlier this week we had pizza, not a interesting story in itself. Tonight while I was getting supper ready, I see Cole is eating pizza in the living room with Chuck. Knowing I threw it in the garbage earlier today, I came to the accurate conclusion he took the pizza OUT OF THE GARBAGE and was eating it. Hate to say it, but it was probably the second time he did it because after he got up from his nap he was eating pizza in his TV room and I assumed it was something that was left over in there... not so, I realize. GROSS!! What made him think he needed to dig out of the garbage to eat? Must have wanted pizza pretty bad. Luckily it was on the top... I do feed him even though it may sound and he may act like I don't. Apparently he was more hungery for supper than I thought.


I made these digital scrapbook pages off of picnik.com... a new feature for their premium customers. They also have Valentine's cards as well. I also ordered Photoshop Elements 7.0 which I'm way excited about getting. Can't wait to start really editing my pictures.... now I just need to find my flashdrive and get all my pictures off of my work computer.

21 January 2009


Playing in the tub....

Faux hawk

Playing outside... thought it was the funniest thing to push the throttle and make the sled go (this one isn't ours).

18 January 2009


This weekend Colton and I surprised my sister up in Grand Forks for a visit for a couple hours. I probably should have called ahead of time because Samantha had to leave shortly after we got there for a little while. Ashton was kind enough to watch Colton for a hour because he wouldn't leave with me. (Having too much fun playing). I think I spent more time visting with Ashton than Samantha... it was nice visiting with him.... I'm sure he wanted a relaxing day instead of listening to two crazy boys running around and playing. Those two played hard all afternoon and Colton didn't want to leave... he was having too much fun playing with Tristen.

Chuck went on the snowmobile run on Saturday with some of his friends. The ride was not good I guess because the groomer broke and the trails were really rough. Chuck hit a hard bump and bit his lip bad. All was not lost... Chuck won the grand prize of $300... he also won a Yamaha helmet and some Microsoft Office software. The $ will pay for the sleds that were just fixed and I'm going to sell the helmet and software.

12 January 2009

At home

Nothing new to post... stuck home today because of the weather. I may have made it in, but there would have been a big possibility of me not making it back home. It's better not to take the risk.

Chuck is to make his appointment with his doctor and I'll be able to put my mind at ease. Praying I'm worrying about nothing... that this is all a 'Big Nothing'. (A movie title I saw this weekend.) Worrying gets the best of me all the time... I just want to get this week behind me.

Looks the weather will be nice to get the sleds out and participate in SnowJam in Casselton. First time I'll have my sled out and riding it since the 'mishap' last year. Think I'll be taking it really easy.

09 January 2009


Just need some prayers and thoughts for who ever is reading... having a difficult time not worrying about EVERYTHING, jumping to conclusions and going to the extreme. I believe deep down everything is going to be just fine (which I just need to trust that feeling and go with it), but every other part of me is struggling.

03 January 2009

Holidays in Pictures

02 January 2009

Happy New Year

Good times were had at my sister's house and Colton and I enjoyed getting to see her family, including the new baby Lacey. Haven't seen them since May... makes me wish they all lived closer. Colton was a rock star during the trip... he watched his movies and slept and we had no meltdowns during the almost 14 hour trip... yah! We left on Friday and arrived there about 2 am Saturday after a stop at the outlet mall in the cities and left early Wednesday morning and arrived home about 7:30 in the evening. Having four full days there was nice and relaxing. My youngest brother and sister and dad came along too, so it was a house full. Colton and his cousin Kylie are very much alike in personality... two little peas in a pod! I've decided I'm going to try and make more of an effort to visit down there. I've only made the trip a total of 5 times in the almost 9 years Stephanie's moved away and the last time was over 4 years ago when Kylie was born!

Back at home and having almost 2 weeks off, I'm not looking forward to going back to work, ugh.... Took down all the Christmas decorations today and need to do some organizing of everything else.