24 June 2008

So Sweet...

So last Friday I had another episode with our beloved dog, Champ. Chuck had put him in the kennel outside and it was just too hot for him.... When I got home he was wheezing heavily, coughing and I immediately put in downstairs where it's cool... I was upset with Chuck for putting him outside and scared because he was struggling to breathe. To get to the sweet part of the story, after Colton woke up from his nap, I was crying about Champ because I was upset that he's sick and that we're on borrowed time with him. Cole came up and said, 'You crying' and I told him Mommy was sad about Champ... he gave me a big hug and then took his blankie and wiped away my tears. He sat with me a minute or two and gave me another hug. He doesn't like it when people cry and he's very empathic when he sees someone sad.... always giving kisses or hugs. Another sweet moment was earlier last month when Chuck brought home Champ from his first vet visit when we found out that he was sick... Colton and I were sitting on one end of the couch and Champ was on the other... Cole got off the couch went over to Champ and gave him a hug and a kiss and said 'Love you'... all done without any prompting from us. Chuck and I both witnessed this... somehow Cole just knew.... These are memories I don't want to forget... my sweet boy....

19 June 2008

Happy Belated Father's Day

Colton & Chuck
Chuck, Colton and Chuck's daughter Victoria

This is late, but Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband! Thank you for being such a great daddy!

Another week

So nothing new going on at our house... wish I could write and say our house sold and we're moving, that's for sure. Cole is a busy as ever and we're playing outside as much as we can. Looking to take Cole to the fair tomorrow afternoon to look around.

We had another scare with our dog Champ on Friday. Chuck took him back to the vet and put him back on the same pills he was on before to hopefully reduce the fluid in his lungs and make his breathing easier. We're trying to prepare ourselves for what we soon know is to come, but you never can really prepare, can you? I don't deal well with any sort of that stuff..... The best way I deal with it, is to not be involved. Every day I let him know I love him, just in case. I asked Chuck not to let me know when the time comes and I pray Chuck is there for everything if things take a turn for the worst. I cannot handle seeing Champ in any sort of pain or distress. I witnessed it on last Friday and I know I cannot handle it.

Anyway, business is going good....really keeping Chuck busy. He's on the phone constantly. We move into a new bigger shop with an office the beginning of July. Chuck is really excited to get the ball rolling on everything and be able to sit at a desk and get work done vs. working out of just the shop, home and his pickup! We applied for our brokerage authority and will be bonded in both the US and Canada.This should open many doors and hopefully by the end of summer I can put my focus solely on the business and the strenghts that I bring... and also be able to stay home with Cole more and expand our family. We're looking at at least 13 trucks by early fall it looks like. Chuck's younger brother has become a partner in with Champion and together I know they will do great. It was hard for me to accept the partnership, but it seems like a good direction to go forward in. Very exciting!

12 June 2008

2 year check up

Colton had his 2 year check up yesterday and weighed 31 lbs 6 oz (85%) and he was 34 7/8" (64%) tall. Which if the saying is true and you double his height that what he'll be as an adult, he should be anywhere between 5'9" and 5'10". Which is tall considering the height of his parents! He cried pretty much the whole time because the appointment was during nap time and he had been sleeping when I picked him up. He had one shot and a blood draw to check is iron levels to make sure he wasn't anemic and possibly have to go back on iron supplements because of the beta thalassemia trait he carries. More information on this can be found if interested at: http://www.thalassemia.org/sections.php?sec=1&tab=6&node=49#3

Colton's 2 year old pictures are available to view at: http://www.shawncoulterphotography.com/Kids/Colton/index.html

11 June 2008

And the party continues...

After I picked up Cole from daycare on his birthday, we went for some ice cream at Dairy Queen. He looked like such a big boy sitting in his own chair and eating his 'mmmm, yummy, yum, yum' ice cream on his own (didn't want ANY help from Mommy). Last night he played with his balloons, letting them go up to the ceiling and saying 'what happened?', 'oh, no' and making it a game to get them down. He wanted us to sing him Happy Birthday again (which we did) and he'd start the song and have us finish it... he had the biggest smile on his face we couldn't stop singing. He's been eyeing his cake every morning thinking he needs to have it for breakfast... Friday my plan is to hopefully take him to the Midwest Kid Fest at Island Park if it's not pouring rain. It's suppose to have all kinds of fun kid activites. Not sure if Cole is too young for it all, but thought we'd check it out. On Sunday we're meeting up with Chuck's daughter for Father's Day and going to the Zoo and then going out to eat.

09 June 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Colton!

Our little guy is 2 today! He had a great party at the park yesterday and got lots of wonderful presents! The hit of the party was the riding lawn mower he got from his Uncle & Aunt. A little more practice and he'll get used to pushing the peddle on his own. The weather held out during his party and started raining shortly after we left the park. Of course he wouldn't sit still for one second... had a hard time getting him take any posed shots. Learned my lesson, never buy a cake with blue frosting.... what a mess! Everyone had nice blue teeth and lips, too!
I took the morning off today to spend some time with him. This morning he was quite crabby and had a tantrum for about an 1/2 an hour. Recorded it on video for him to watch when he gets older... that's what he was like when he was TWO. Got over whatever issue he was having and we went to the park in West Fargo, but it started raining about 5 minutes into it, so the only other alternative was to take him to the mall and look at the fish and play in the little play area. He seemed to have fun and was ready to take a nap when I dropped him off at daycare. We made treats and activity sheets for everyone there to do after nap. Hate having to work on his birthday... Mommy & Daddy LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, COLTON!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY!!
Cole and I had a little photo session and I took a flood of pictures this weekend also including BDay party pics... a few of my favorites above.

07 June 2008

Finishing touches

I think Cole and I are going to hit the park today as soon as the weather get warmer. He woke up WAY to early this morning and hopefully I can wear him out for a nice long nap this afternoon and get some last minute stuff finished for his birthday party tomorrow.

06 June 2008

Happy 11th...

I meant to post this yesterday... Happy 11th Birthday to Chuck's daughter, Victoria who's birthday was yesterday..... she's at the lake and enjoying her summer there! Too bad the weather hasn't been as cooperative as it should!

03 June 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It's been raining for the last 2 days and isn't suppose to quit until Saturday. Our lawn needs some serious mowing... it actually looks more like a dandelion field than a lawn since we need to spray, too.
Colton had his 2 year old pictures at Coulter Photography today. I would have liked to take his pictures outside, but because of the rain that wasn't possible. I'm sure they'll be a few good ones in the bunch, being Cole didn't stay still for more than a few seconds.... he ran all over. I knew this would happen because of his age and specifically went to this place because I didn't want the regular studio shots. The photographer was patient and I didn't feel anxious because of limited time other places give you. This may be the way we go all the time. Other than that, I enjoyed a long weekend because Cole's daycare was closed and not looking forward to going to work tomorrow. I finally caught him on video counting to ten (which he's been doing since last month), making all the animals noises he knows and singing his 'ABC's' (or part of them).
Finally set up my printer I got for Mother's Day. As of right now, I'm not really impressed with it as it's printing lines in all the pictures. I hope this can be fixed. I have been having fun editing pictures with the little programs I have. Still need to purchase Photoshop...