26 March 2009


25 March 2009

Water, water, water

We have lots of water. Yesterday morning as I was getting ready to leave for work (later than usual... waiting for daylight) I noticed the driveway starting to get water. In less than hour the water was up to the fence where we park and getting close to being in the garage. I hurried Colton and I out of there and called Chuck and told him he better head home. I-94 was closed was from Casselton to Oriska so he had to drive the long way around. I got out just in time as the water was as high as the wheel wells on the Escalade. The shed and the garage have water, but the house should be fine as it sits higher. Colton and I are at my parents for the next couple days and Chuck is at home with the dogs keeping an eye on everything. The creek that runs by our house has washed out the road in one direction for us to get out and the other direction is washed out as well in 2 other spots from over land flooding. Our neighbor who has lived in the same house for the last 40 years has said he has never seen the water this bad.

Yesterday afternoon as Chuck was trying to fight the water a semi with a fully loaded trailer came down as far as our house (3 miles on gravel and Chuck was parked on the road because we can't get into the driveway) because he said he was lost and needed to turn around. (Wouldn't you just turn around on the overpass??) Our neighbor up the road by the interstate said he told the driver right way to turn/back up in his driveway but he kept going. Needless to say Chuck was not pleasant with this driver as the roads cannot/could not take the weight. The only alternative was for the driver to back his truck all the way back to the interstate. What an idiot! he's lucky he didn't get stuck and make things 10x worse.

The electricity went out this morning and the only place to purchase one is at a small town nearby for $400. Guess we should have one anyway. Our neighbor is having to go and get it because we can't get down the road to the town and he'll bring it over with the tractor. The only way for Chuck to go anywhere is by 4-wheeler at this point. A dam about 6-7 miles west broke and this has caused the major unexpected and fast water rising. I do have pictures but I have no way to up load them to the computer right now. Because of the snow and ice on the I-29 I made it as far as Gardner this morning and chose to turn around. Not worth the risk... it's just work. I'll post pictures when I can.

17 March 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day

  • See, I told you...
  • Looking at a magazine with a turkey on the cover Colton says, 'Mmmm, it's delicious.'
  • While I was standing in the bathroom Colton walked in and said, 'What's wrong, Mommy?' (Apparently it looked like something was wrong... there wasn't). He said, 'You hurt your butt? Awww.' and then starting patting and rubbing it and then says, 'There it's all better.'
  • While we were playing with his work bench and drilling screws he says to me, 'You're doing great, Mommy!' Said the same thing while we were coloring, too.
  • Can spell his name out loud.
  • He's really starting to get independent with everything. 'Colton do it' is heard often around the house. Opening packages, pulling up his pants, putting on his hat...
  • Loves to go get bubbles in the tub and put them on my mouth/face. He thinks it's the funniest thing and giggles so hard when he does it, the most I've ever heard him giggle. Thanks to Daddy for teaching him that!
  • Going to visit the preschool we plan on having him attend next week. It will be on Tues & Thurs from 9-11:30 am starting in September. I think he'll really enjoy it. All we need to do is get him potty trained before then! Aaahh!

14 March 2009


Chuck getting stuck after that jump... nothing like getting stuck in your own yard.

Colton walking on the the slide...

Trying to pull Renna on the sled.

The snow is as high as my waist on the sides of the sidewalk.

It was nice to spend some time outside for a change. Colton hasn't been outside for an extended amount of time since probably November. He had lots of fun and he went for a snowmobile ride, a short sled ride, 4-wheeler ride and took his tractor out for a drive.

13 March 2009

Some new ones...

  • Oh, rats!
  • You're kidding me!
  • I go first...
  • No, I do it...
  • Me, me do it (or me, me help you)
  • Oh, sh*t (don't know where he got that from and I certainly don't pay attention to it when when he says it, which has only been a few times...)
  • Hi, girls! (Morgan and Renna)
  • Be quiet (he has said shut up, but knows not to... to the dogs)
Colton's into arguing back and forth with you... many thanks to Grandma Zuther!

11 March 2009


Snow almost as high as the swingset... it's as high as the shed in some spots.

Chuck trying to clean out the driveway.

I should have taken a picture yesterday... you couldn't see our neighbor because of all the blowing snow. We could see as far as the first fence.

10 March 2009

Nothing new...

to post. Went to OKC last week for work. The drive wasn't has bad as I thought it was going to be. Always worse on the way back then on the way there. Got plenty of shopping done on the way there, while I was there and on the way back. Ate at The Cheesecake Factory for the first time while in OKC... I love cheesecake! Colton as a cold... runny nose and cough, first time this winter. It's going around so I guess it's our turn. Sitting at home waiting out the blizzard. These are the days I hate living out in the country. No place to go and nothing to do.

03 March 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Chuck! To wonderful husband, daddy and friend have a happy 35th!

A Happy Golden Birthday to Tristen who shares a birthday with Chuck today!