24 December 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

Yesterday Colton had his picture taken with Santa... Actually, Colton and Mommy had our picture taken with Santa. After the second time through the line and $10.95 for a 4x6, we got an acceptable picture with the man in red. Colton was fine talking to him and giving him high fives with me holding him, but did not want to sit with him. No surprise to me...

Loving all the cards coming in... wish all year was like this. I've got some cookies to frost and a house to clean. We'll be going to Chuck's brother's and then out to Grandin and back home for Colton to open up gifts from mommy and daddy and watch 'A Christmas Story'. One of my favorite! Tomorrow it's open Santa's gifts, church at 10:30 and dinner with my family. Friday Colton and I leave for Stephanie's with a stop in the cities for some shopping. Lots of loading and unloading of the vehicle the next couple days!

22 December 2008

Colton talk

'Follow me...'
'Good job, mommy/daddy
'You good helper, mommy/daddy'
'I show you...'
'Tip toe, tip toe... shhh quiet.'
'Colton tummy full/tummy empty'
'Colton tired.'
'Up, up, up and away!'
'Let's count.'
'That's enough!' (As he's pointing his finger.)
'Hi girls' (To Morgan and Renna)
'I funny boy.'
Helicocker (helicopter) Chuck thought that was hilarious!
Talks in third person.
Loves daddy's 'fishy' kisses.
Counts up to 13 unassisted and then the next number is always 17. Forgets 14, 15, 16...
Loves 'stickers' (tape) just like mommy!
Calls Chuck and I... 'guys'. He was going downstairs and he told Chuck and I, 'See ya later, guys!'
Hates his teeth brushed.
Loves sausage... says its 'haashish... almost sounds like 'hotdish'

21 December 2008


Colton and I decorated cookies last night.... he LOVED sprinkling his cookies as you can see. Not sure those ones are edible. I haven't decorated cookies in a really long time. I'm not sure if my cookies are edible either!

Colton's finished product...

20 December 2008

Updated Rooms


Our bedroom

Another view...

Colton's playroom

Downstairs bath

Some pictures of rooms that have been recently 'refreshed'. The master bath hasn't been painted yet and I still need to buy new rugs as well. Colton's room to be added shortly...

16 December 2008


I was reading a article and it said if you're going to try and go organic the top five products to start with are:

1. milk
2. beef
3. potatoes
4. apples
5. peanut butter

Thought I'd pass along this info for what its worth... These apparently are products that have the most manmade products applied to/in them. I do the milk and peanut butter already and I'm not sure if our beef is organic (we get it from the local cold storage which processes everything there, guess it depends on where they get the animal from). I usually buy range free eggs as well, but from what I've read recently that's not all it's cracked up to either. It's a start... I'm trying to be a more informed consumer, but sometimes what I don't know is better for me.

15 December 2008

The Tree

Our small (narrow) tree... I was going to buy a big one last year, BUT I thought we would be moving and I didn't want to move anymore than we had to. I'll be buying a bigger one when they go on clearance after Christmas. It works well for our small living room.

Gingerbread House

Since we're stuck at home because of the big blizzard Colton and I made a gingerbread house... a sad looking gingerbread house. Doesn't look anything like it does on the box... oh well, we tried out best. Colton loved the frosting... big surprise. It was fun.

12 December 2008

Holidays Last Year

Year ago today.... right after Colton's first haircut.

Not much to report.... busy finishing up Christmas shopping. Still need to get Colton to see Santa and get his picture taken.... will probably do it next week.

03 December 2008

Getting ready

We're getting ready for Christmas... our cards were ordered a month ago- looking to get those out next week sometime, most of the presents have been bought and we have our tree up and a few decorations around the house. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find our stockings and some important ornaments... obviously they're somewhere around the house, but I can't seem to remember where I put them. The most logical place I should have put them would have been with the other decorations, but apparently I like to make it hard on myself.
I've been doing a little painting and redecorating around the house.... I figure if I have to live here for a while longer (hopefully not 'forever' longer) I'm going to do the things I planned to do to it if we were to permanently stay here. The downstairs bathroom has a new color scheme- shower curtain, towels, pictures, mats, the playroom has been painted, the entry has been painted, the upstairs bath will get a new paint job before Christmas along with mats and pictures and I bought a new comforter for our room along with some new accessories. Colton's room was painted a couple months ago and he got some new pictures on his walls, too. When everything is 'done' I'll post some pictures for your viewing pleasure...
See everyone soon for the holidays... enjoy all the running around!