09 July 2009

Something new

  • Sitting on his potty... 'I need to get the cookies out'.
  • Trying to fix his DVD player... 'We have a problem'.
  • 'You happy?'
  • 'Umm, Mommy/Daddy?'
  • 'Daddy needs to get his butt home.' (Learned that one from mommy waiting for him to come home from work.)
  • 'Hi everybody!'
  • Loves to eat/make a peanut butter 'sammich'.
  • Waves and says 'hi' to everyone in the store.
  • Tells me his going to be a nice boy in the store before we actually get in the store. (A question he's been asked plenty of times before by mommy.)
  • Can buckle his carseat by himself.
  • Tells me everyday after I pick him up that he's not getting a haircut and the car doesn't need a shower.
  • Fills the dog bowls with food by himself and knows each one gets 3 scoops.