14 April 2010

Trains, Trains, Trains

Colton loves Thomas and anything to do with trains. So on a daily basis he interjects terms he hears from watching Thomas into his daily talk. End of July we're so excited to take him the Lakeville, MN to spend a 'Day with Thomas' and ride Thomas the Train and other activities. Can't wait to see how excited he's going to be! This Saturday Toys R Us is having a Thomas play date and story time.

  • Red lights are 'signals'
  • 4-way stops are 'junctions'.
  • Turns in the road are 'bends'.
  • Sharper turns in the road are 'difficult bends'.
  • Tells me I need to 'apply my brakes' when I come to a 'bend' in the road.
  • After a bath he is 'shiny and clean'.
  • The driveway is 'Gordan's Hill'.